Liz Fraser

  1. June Cunningham, The Smallest Show on Earth (US: Big Time Operators), 1956.   Cunningham tested better as Marlene  in the Peter Seller frolic  but  the wonderful Liz (she be came an extra in the cinema scenes) won the better career. June was all over, with 24 credits, by 1963. While Liz  scored 113 screen roles during 1955-2018, ranging from the daughter of Peter Sellers (him again!)  in I’m All Right Jack, 1959,  pkus a variety of dumb blondes in the Carry On franchise (her favourite was #5, Carry On Regardless, 1960)  and strong  character roles on TV  and the West End stageA lovely lady…
  2. Juliet Mills, Carry On Jack, 1963.     First Carry On made in an historical setting and costumes.   Juliet (John’s daughter, Hayley’s sister)   had   starred in the Carry On precusors, Nurse on Wheels, 1963, Twice Round The Daffodils (based on same play as Carry On Nurse), 1962. 

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