Lois Laurel

  1. Jacquie Lyn, Pack Up Your Troubles, 1932.   Stan Laurel’s daughter was set as the child of his and Oliver Hardy’s wartime buddy. Except  producer Hal Roach thought she looke  d too old – at five! He was, in fact,  hoping to turn the three-year-old Jacquie into a new child sensation. Didn’t work.  (After six shorts, her career was over – when her father demanded more money).  Lois was uncredited in three Laurel & Hardy frolics between 1932-1945. And then, nothing, until – 40 years later! – she popped up with an  anonymous bit as Hat Lady, in  –  surprise, surprise –   a  Season 17 episode of the BBC’s longest running sitcom,  Last of the Summer Wine,  at age 63 in 1995.  In case we didn’t know who she was, she left the cafe at the  end of her scene… to the Stan & Ollie musical  theme! 

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