Lois Maxwell

  1. Edana Romney, Corridor of Mirrors, 1947. The Canadian Maxwell tested (in France) “in a very slinky dress that was absolutely skin-tight with bosoms exposed and everything else.” The director had to tell her: “Well, we’ve tested another actress, and quite frankly, she looks a though she smells of sex and you look as though you smell of soap.” That was diorector Terence Young… who didn’t look very far as Romney was the co-scenarist of his debut (and that of future Man With The Golden Gun, Christopher Lee). Fifteen years on, Young, of course, would offer Lois the choice of potentially recurring roles in their first Bond film, Dr No, 1962: Sylvia Trench and Miss Moneypenny. She chose, as we all know, Miss Moneypenny. She lasted for 14 films; Miss Trench did not. “She’s always called Miss Moneypenny because she doesn’t want anyone to know that her first name is Gertrude!”
  2. Julie Vincent, The Lone Wolf and His Lady, 1949.   Change of Grace Duffy, main squeeze of newspaperman hero Ron Randell. Lois was moved to Grace Darrin in The Crime Doctor’s Diary, instead,  opposite Warner Baxter, as per usual,  as Dr Robert Ordway.
  3.  Eunice Gayson, Dr No,  1962. 

 Birth year: 1927Death year: 2007Other name: Casting Calls:  3