Lola Lane

  1. Veda Ann Borg, Confession, 1936.    Change of of Xenia in director Joe May’s rigid shot-by-shot, songs-by-songs, score-by-score, fade-by-fade, dissolive-by-dissolve, time-by time re-hash of Willi Forst’s 1935 German film with Pola Negri, Mazurka. As one of the fathers of German cinema (the first to hire Fritz Lang), May should have known better. Would have been easier – cheapr – to dub the original, already bought by Warner Bros to avoid any other dfistributor stealing thetr (mild) thunder.
  2. Glenda Farrell, Torchy Gets Her Man, 1938.     Warner Bros made a huge error by replacing the popular leads – Farrell as reporter Torchy Blane, Barton MacLane  as her guy, NYPD Lieutenant Steve MacBride – with Lane and Paul Kelly in the fifth film. Torchy Blane in Panama, 1938. The fans were not smitten and Farrell-MacLane were rushed back for the next three. The fast-talking Farrell (450 words per 40 seconds!)then quit Warner Bros and the too saccharine Jane Wyman Torchyed in what proved the ninth and last of the series (with Allen Jenkins as MacBride).  Torchy was a guy in Frederick Nebel’sMacBride and Kennedy books – and proved the model for Lois Lane, admitted Superman’s co-creator Jerry Seigel, who gave her Lola’s surname. Warner tried to rehash Torchy with Wyman (now a cop), Dick Foran as her cop guy and Maxie Rosenbloom sitting in for Tom Kennedy’s dumbass.  Just. Didnt. Work. 

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