Lon McCallister

  1. Richard Conte, Cry of the City, 1947.       An undated studio press release in the dark recesses of the  AMPAS Library (probably from mid-1947), announced McAllister would play  othe “baby-faced killer.” Film noir specialist Robert Siodmak then chose Victor Mature – until he became the cop chasing cop-killer Conte.  This became one of the rare Hollywood films re-made by the French – in  José Giovanni’s Un aller simple,1970. 
  2. Dale Robertson, The Farmer Takes A Wife, 1952.       Time, said the suits in 1944, to rekindle the big hit of 1935. McCallister and Jeanne Crain were selected for the Henry Fonda-Janet Gaynor roles. Er no, everything was shelved until Fox decided on going musical with Mitzi Gaynor… er, no, Betty Grable. With Victor Mature er, no, Dale Robertson. No wonder Grable decided one more was enough and after How to Marry a Millionaire, sure enough, she retired.  

 Birth year: 1923Death year: 2005Other name: Casting Calls:  2