Lori Nelson

  1. Piper Laurie, Son of Ali Baba, 1951.     Yes, yes, all together now: This is the one where Tony Curtis uttered the immortal line: Yonda lies da castle of my fadda…  “Luckily, I lost that one, ” Lori told  Mike Fitzgerald.  “The one I didn’t want to do was Revenge of the Creature, 1954. Science-Fiction was considered bottom of the barrel in those days. Of course, that’s the picture I’m most remembered for !”
  2. Janet Leigh, Walking My Baby Back Home, 1953.    “I fought hard for the role. Janet couldn’t dance at the time and I could.  But she was a bigger name.”
  3. Jane Russell, Underwater!  1954.    “Howard Hughes wanted me for the lead and he paid Universal a fortune. However, Jane Russell owed them a picture. They didn’t have a vehicle for her so they gave her my role and built in a little part for me.”  Nobody remembered either –  just Jayne Mansfield stealing…  not the movie…  but the (underwater) premiere in (for then) an  itsy-bitsy bikini.  The  top fell off.  Well, these things happen.  
  4. .-Debra Paget, The Ten Commandments,1 954.
  5. Natalie Wood, Rebel Without A Cause, 1955.    Among the many testing for veteran director Nicholas Ray. He was sleeping with two of them: Jayne Mansfield  and Natalie.


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