Louis Jouvet

1. – Pierre Blanchar, La Belle Marinière, France, 1932. A stage star scared of film-making, Jouvet had impressive debut choices: a Marcel Archard scenario of Marcel Pagnol’s Topaze. His milady of the hour, Madeleine Ozeray, voted Pagnol. And it was another member of Pagnol’s clan who went to Archard.

2. – Pierre Fresnay, La Grande Illusion, France, 1937. First, he said he would, then he fell more in love with tackling Amphytrion on-stage – handing Fresnay the role of his life, the aristocratic De Boeldieu.

3. – Michel Simon, La fin du jour, France, 1938. Raimu caused a big switcheroo when quitting his role of Cabrissade. Michel Simon took it over – and his original role of Saint-Clair went to…but of course… Jouvet. And his role of Marny was handed to Victor Franchen.

4. – Fernand Ledoux, Monseigneur, France, 1949.     All set for the mutual admiration society – the great Jouvet and his favourite pupil at the Conservatoire de Paris, Bernard Blier. Then production delays meant Le Patron had to withdraw.



 Birth year: 1887Death year: 1951Other name: Casting Calls:  4