Luke Grimes

  1. Jack Reynor, Transformers: Age of Extinction, 2013.    Trans4mers was something of a reboot. With many new  characters, Dinobots included. Landon Liboiron,  Hunter Parrish and  Brenton Thwaites  were also on director Michael Bay’s wish-list for  race driver Shane Dyson.
  2. Nathan Parsons, True Blood, TV, 2014.   Ohio’s Grimes created the sexy vampire James Kent in the sixth season but backed away from an affair (and kissing) with co-star Nelsan Ellis. Not so, said Luke’s publicist, he simply wanted to pursue other opportunities, (like being Christian Gray’s brother in the  Fifty  Shades of Gray trio). Either way, he was replaced by Parsons for the seventh and final season – when Parsons was already into his 373 chapters of General Hospital, 2009-2015. Both shows helped lead him into a rapid succession of series: Once Upon A Time, The Originals and Roswall, New Mexico.


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    Vampires.  Luke Grimes was James Kent before Nathan Parsons.    [© HBO]

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