Madeline Kahn

  1. Jane Connell, Mame, 1973.     Hell hath no fury like a star lady on the wrong side of 60. Lucille Ball was also the most powerful woman in Hollywood. And her claws shot out  when  jealous of Kahn’s curves… . when she had paid $5m to secure the lead!  So, Madeline was Kahnned… Another version is Kahn planned it all in order to join Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles – by far the bigger hit.  Indeed, Ball never made another movie.
  2. Teri Garr, Young Frankenstein, 1974.    Teri was called in when Kahn refused  Elizabeth. Then, she changed her mind and Mel Brooks told Teri that if she  could come back the next day with a German accent, she could be Inga.  She looked at Mel and said: “Vell, yes, I could do zee German ackzent tomorrow or I could come back zis afternoon” And the part was hers.


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