Madeline Smith

  1. Olivia Hussey, Romeo and Juliet, UK-Italy, 1967. The first version where the stars were close to the ages of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers.  Leonard Whiting and Olivia were 17 and 15. At MGM, circa 1935, Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer were, ridiculously, 43 and 35!  Italian director Franco Zeffirelli saw 500 hopeful Juliets, including Hollywood’s Kim Darby, Anjelica Huston and Bernadette Peters and  the UK’s Jenny Agutter, Angela Cartwright, (Sarah Douglas, Pamela Franklin, Susan George, singer Lulu (Phil Collins and Paul McCartney had been seen for Romeo!), Jane Seymour, Madeline Smith, Sally Thomsett and the model Twiggy. He then fell (literally) for the Argentine-born Hussey: “the unrequited love of my life.” Zeffirelli had to obtain permission for the scene as Olivia was 15.  “But in Europe a lot of the films had nudity,” she said. “It wasn’t that big a deal. Leonard wasn’t shy at all! and I just completely forgot I didn’t have clothes on.” And yet, (a) she found herself legally banned from seeing her own nudity in the London premiere as she was under 18 and (b) by 2023, Hussey and Whiting (in their 70s) were suing Paramount for having their “child abuse” nude scenes and causing them suffering all their lives!!! .     Olivia grew up to join the Stars Wars, play the mothers of Jesus and Norman Bates and the life of Mother Teresa.

  2. Sally Geeson, Carry on Abroad, 1972.   Lily was written for an unavailable Maddy and her bountiful breasts  (she called them: snokes). “When you’ve got a bosom like mine, there’s a very narrow margin between being sexy and ridiculous.”. Or… becoming a  Bond  Girl.  The delicious   Maddy was (officially) Miss Caruso (finally listed as Beautiful Girl) opposite Roger Moore in Live And Let Die, 1972.  It was the Carry On stalwart, Sid James, who suggested  Sally – his daughter  from  the  Bless This House series,  1971-1976.  When she won her Carry on Matron rôle, Maddy was on the verge of quiting acting, she told the Carry On Blogging site in 2016.  She was all set  to train to be an actual nurse at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. However, her father (“very proud of the bits of acting work”) insisted she try to get into Matron.   “It was a joy to make… I was only there for half a day. Gone before lunchtime which was a shame.” Cast and crew loved her which is why she was invited to go Abroad

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