Marcel Bozzuffi

  1. Paul  Bisciglia, Tout l’or du monde, France-Italy, 1961.  Old Wave réalisateurRenéClair was directing Bourvil in three roles while all the few agents in Paris were trying to get their young clients into the last dozen roles – walk-on villagers. The future great agent, Gerard Lebovici, called Costa-Gavras, one of Clair’s two assistants, and reccommended Claude Berri, Marcel Bozzuffi, Jean-Pierre Cassel, FrançoiseDorleac,  Serge Rousseau.  Costa passed on the bad news: None matched what was wanted. Lebo told Costa: “Tomorrow’s French cinema will be be you and me”…and later in the 60s, Lebo offered him a film about the French Public Enemy #1 Mesrine – with Jean-Paul Belmondo. Costa quickly owned up to the revulsion he felt about the criminal and the film was never made until a two-parter in 2007 – 23 years after Lebo’s murder in 1984. 
  2. Jacques Denis, L’Horloger de Saint-Paul, France, 1973.    For his first feature, Lyons realisateur Bertrand Tavernier first asked Bozzuffi for the role of militant communist role of Antoine Regnier.

 Birth year: 1928Death year: 1988Other name: Casting Calls:  1