Margaret Nolan

  1. Tania Mallet, Goldfinger,   1964.
  2. Norma Foster,  The Spy With The Cold Nose, 1965.  The absolutely magnificent  Maggie  passed the bimbo nurse to the new starlet from East London (in South Africa!) in this dopey, almost Carry On Spying frolic about the Brits bugging a bulldog given to the Russian Prime Minister. You had to be there.  A former nude model as Vickie Kennedy, Maggie  won 75 screen roles during 1962-2020.  She was in Bond, Saint, A Hard Day’s Night !!! and six Carry Ons : Dick, Girls, Matron, At Your Convenience, Henry VIII,  Cowboy…  Her directors ranged from French icon Marcel Carné to…  Jerry Lewis! The buxom pin-up was also painted gold (a la Shirley Eaton) for the Goldfinger titles and posters in  1963 (she also played 007’s masseuse, Dink) and  creator Robert Brownjohn let me watch  her shooting part of  those memorable credits. A terrific day!  

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Director Edgar Wright announced her death on October 11, 2020. “She was the middle of Venn diagram of everything cool in the 60’s; having appeared with the Beatles, been beyond iconic in Bond and been part of the Carry On cast too.  I worked with her last year as she plays a small role in Last Night In Soho. She was so funny, sharp and, as you might imagine, full of the most amazing stories. I’m so glad I got to know her. My heart goes out to her family and all that loved her. She will be much missed.”


 Birth year: 1943Death year: 2020Other name: Vickie KennedyCasting Calls:  2