Marie Dressler

  1. May Robson, Lady For A Day, 1933. For director Frank Capra there was “only one major, aged film star” to be Apple Annie.   But Columbia   boss, the crude Harry Cohn,   refused to beg MGM boss LB Mayer for her.   “You think I want Louis Mayer’s fingers in   my   eyes?   The   world’s lousy with old dames. Go, dig one up.” At 70, Robson nearly lost this celebration of her golden jubilee in   acting, by booming too theatrically until Capra carefully suggested a hoarse   whisper… netting an Oscar nod.   And three more for Best Picture, Script, Director. “I became   impossible   to live with,”   said Capra.   “Even more so after none of ’em won.”
  2. Marjorie Main, Tish, 1942.   The great Dressler died before before MGM’s long delayed tale of  a  busybody spinster Letitia “Tish” Carberry, and her old maid chums (Aline MacMahon and Zasu Pitts) and an uncredited Ruby Dandridge as her maid. Main was not  in the same league, far better suited to her ten Ma Kettle movies,  1947-1957.


 Birth year: 1869Death year: 1934Other name: Casting Calls:  0