Marie-José Nat

  1. Leslie Caron, Fanny, 1960.    US stage-screen director Joshua Logan looked  at various young French actresses. Then, he ran back to Hollywood cover, thinking Audrey Hepburn or Pier Angeli, before realising Leslie was there all the time.. wondering why he hadn’t called.
  2. Anna  Karina, Ce Soir ou jamais (Tonight or Never), France, 1960.  But not Marie-José Nat  and Sami Frey or never…  Réalisateur and co-scenarist Michel Deville dropped his first choice for the trendier, more New Wave-ish Anna Karina and Claude Rich as an actress and her playwright lover  . And what happens when she does not get a role in his new play.


 Birth year: 1940Death year: 2019Other name: Casting Calls:  12