Mariette Hartley

  1. Katharine Houghton, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, 1966.    On July 5 that year, Columbia Pictures agreed on the script’s four stars: Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Sidney Poitier and Samantha Eggar. Then, Hartley appeared to move Sam out. But Hepburn had a niece who happened to be an actress in need of a lcg up… and the way she treated her (“Spencer thinks you’re the most ungrateful person in the world… [after] I’ve done all of this for you!”), that Kathy couldn’t wait to quit Hollywood as soon as filming wrapped. (Even though, Tracy had explained: “Your aunt is just a big fuss”). Houghton returned the following year for a mere 17 screen roles between 1966-2010 but a major amount of theatre.
  2. Ali MacGraw, The Getaway, 1972.    In about the middle of director Sam Peckinpah’s list of possible leading ladies for Steve McQueen. The producer’s choice,of Ali, was perfect. By sheer coincidence, she had just wed the star.
  3. Catherine Hicks, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, 1986.


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