Marina Bazanov

1. – Marie-France Pisier, L’amour a vingt ans/Love At Twenty (sketch: Antoine et  Colette),  France, 1961. For the return of his 400 Blows alter-ego, Antoine Doinel, realisateur François Truffaut advertised in Cinemonde magazine for a girlfriend for Jean-Pierre Leaud… “a real young woman, no Lolita or moll.” The exactitudes  came from basing the girl on his own 50s’ crush, Lilian Litvin. Nice Matin journalist Mario Brun took Pisier to meet Truffaut at St Paul de Vence.  The other main candidate for this virginal Jules et Jim was Bazanov – grand-daughter of  Helen Hessel, the real Kath in the life of  Jules et Jim – a Truffaut classic dated  1862.


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