Mario Revolori

  1. Tony Revolori, The Grand Budapest Hotel, US-Germany-UK, 2013.   Casting director Douglas Aibel and his team scoured the Middle East – Egypt, Israel, etc –  plus US towns  with large Arabic populations (such as Dearborn, Michigan) for the perfect Zero Moustafa.  And then found  him  back home in LA!  “We had several finalists, but I didn’t feel like we had quite found it. We did another round of what I call shaking the tree and in LA we taped two unknown brothers, Tony and Mario Revolori. They’d done a little acting.”  Wes Anderson liked both lads, but Tony, at 16, was closer in age to Zero, the ally of Ralph Fiennes’ hotel concierge,  Gustave H, in auteur Wes Anderson’s colourful riff on old-thyme Europe.

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