Marisa Pavan


  1. Terry More, King of the Khyber Rifles, 1953.     Re-making the original, 1928 version of The Black Watch had been shelved since 1936, exhausting many Fox producers, directors, writers and stars – including  Pavan in September 1952. 
  2. Rita Moreno, The King and I, 1955.   Dorothy Dandridge was the first idea for Tuptim. Pavan tested. So did the mercurial Moreno. And she walked away with it…
  3. Louis de Funès, Le grande vadrouille, France-UK, 1966.    The huge French comedy classic – about top movie clowns De Funes and Bourvil in  WW11 – actually started out as an idea for dancer Zizi Jeanmaire (or Pier Angeli and twin sister Marisa Pavan) as twins: pious Lili and hooker Lulu. The partnership with the UK’s Rank Organisation was essential to securing  the pricey Terry-Thomas as Big-Moustache of the RAF. Film closed in London in a matter of days (or hours?) but was the #1 French box-office hit for 42 year ! There is simply no way of understanding the French.

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