Mark Harmon

  1. Don Johnson, Miami Vice,TV, 1984-1990.   When Johnson was ready to walk after two seasons, Harmon was approached to take over James ‘Sonny’ Crockett, But the show’s co-creator, director Michael Mann, did not agree, and waltzed Johnson into a new deal, making him the then highest paid  thespian in the history of US TV series. He had been nearly jinxed for previously being in four  unsuccessful pilots. His new deal meant losing such 80s films  as The Untouhchables and Die Hard. And just for the record, during his 95 chapters of Chicago Hope, 1996-2000, Harmon became the first  actor to say ”Shit!” US TV.  Very little negative publicity ensued..
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Total Recall, 1989.      After 42 drafts, no third act and one bankruptcy, Total Recall became another word for jinx in Hollywood… Italian producer Dino De Laurentiis’ never-ending Martian thriller was nearly made by Dreyfuss in Italy, Patrick Swayze in Australia… and William Hurt for Canadian director David Cronenberg… Next up for the heroics were Jeff Bridges, Christopher Reeve, Tom Selleck before almost becoming a B-movie with Harmon (cheapest on the list) or little Matthew Broderick (!). Then, Dino went belly-up… enabling Arnold to take over (Dino had refused to audition him!) and move Mars to Mexico where everyone got the touristas except him – he had his food, water, B12 shots flown in from home after a rotten Mexperience during Predator, 1986.
  3. Jason Alexander, Listen Up, TV, 2004-2005.      Harmon and the real Tony Kornheiser were up  the main role – based on his life  as a Washington Post sports writer with his own  DC radio from 1992. Harmon was judged “way too good looking” for “The T-man, he’s epic! He’s Clah-sic!”  The role was a  perfect extension of Seinfeld’s Constanza for Jason – yewt axed by CBS after one season. The Seinfeld Curse strikes again – effecting everyone but Jerry and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.

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