Marlo Thomas

  1. Barbara Parkins, The Valley of the Dolls, 1967.
  2. Carol White, Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting, 1968.      A smitten (if non-consumating) Frank Sinatra decided to introduce White to Hollywood. He arranged screenings of her Poor Cow, even Cathy Come Home. (The very idea of Old Blue Eyes setting up Ken Loach previews is mind-boggling). (But true). For LA, “Carolwhite” (as Sinatra called her) was a cheaper Julie Christie, which could explain why she beat Thomas, Candice Bergen and Jane Fonda to… total miscasting! As Chicago critic Roger Ebert pointed out, White was too healthy, too blonde, too fetchingly plump, too simple, too secure, to remotely approach the stature of the haunted heroine. “What was needed was a hyperthyroid brunette with restless eyes.”

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  2