Martha Scott

  1. Olivia De Havilland, Gone With The Wind, 1938.
  2. Ruth Hussey, Tennessee Johnson, 1941.      Day and Martha Scott were on several lists for Eliza McCardle, who married the subject of this biopic – Van Heflin as Andrew Johnson, the 17th US President after the 1865 assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  3. Donna Reed, It’s A Wonderful Life, 1946.
  4. Agnes Moorehead, The Blue Veil, 1950.   Producer Jerry Wald felt he could convince Garbo to come back. Hah! He couldn’t even persuade Scott to drop Broadway for RKO’s re-tread of Le voile bleu, 1941.

 Birth year: 1912Death year: 2003Other name: Casting Calls:  4