Martin Held

  1. Horst Buchholz, Die Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull  (US: Confessions of Felix Krull), West Germany, 1957. When the  Dresden-born Robert Siodamak was the first director to consider filming Thomas Mann’s unfinished 1954 novel he had some strange notions  for the young con-man hero.      West German stars OE Hesse and Martin Held were in their 50s versus Hardy Krüger at 29.  Oskar Werner, 35, wrote of his interest to Mann’s bohemian actress daughter, Erika (she was a co-writer of the script) but  he lost interest when the next director, Rolf Thiele, insisted he make  a screen test.  Werner was furious. “He can see  me  on the stage every night!”  Kurt Hoffman  eventually  directed Horst Buchholz  – billed in the US as Henry Buckholt. (United Artists wanted to call him hat in The Magnificent Seven credits).


 Birth year: 1908Death year: 1992Other name: Casting Calls:  1