Martin Mull

  1. Walter Cronkite, OC and Stiggs, 1985.       Sometimes Robert Altman smoked a tad too much… “The screenwriters hated me and I hated them in return… There’s some good stuff in this movie, honestly there is!”  Oh really! The big secret about the so-called satire of teen movies, was revealed  by Muill in 1991. Altman has first asked  the CBS New icon to be Pat Coletti…  and was surprised that he refused what critic Nathan Rubin later described as  “a wealthy lush with a seemingly painted-on beard luxuriating happily in his own booze-sodden decadence.”
  2. Michael McKean, Clue, 1985.       Anyone for Cluedo? Because that’s what we were watching here… “We’re trying to find out who killed him, and where, and with what!” Mull was for several roles, thought he’d won Mr Green and found he was the iconic… Colonel Mustard!

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