Martin West

  1. John Heyl, A Separate Peace, 1971.     Rights to John Knowles’ work, the best  coming-of-age novel since Catcher in the Rye,  were passed around like candy after its UK publication in 1959. (All  US publishers had rejected it!). 1964: Richard Burton was to direct it, changing the setting to a Brit school. 1965: actor pals Dullea and Martin West, formed a combine to make it – and star in it.  1967: producer Irving Gitlin planned a TVersion. 1968: Paramount gave the difficult adaptation to Larry Goodbye Columbus) Peerce, who shot it with Stevenson and real students of the ultra upper-class Phillips Exeter Academy, in New Hampshire, where Knowles had studied – and Heyl’s father was the school doctor.  (The 2004 TVersion was the last the last film of actor Hume Cronyn and UK director Peter Yates).

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