Maruschka Detmers

1. –   Valeria Golina, Les   lunettes   d’or,   France-Italy, 1987. Announced   (too) early by the Italian producer of her fellatio-scandal, Le Diable au coeur, 1986.

2. – Beatrice Dalle, La visione del Sabba, Italy, 1988. This time, it was her scandal-maker, Marco Bellochio, speaking too soon. She wanted to work with him again.   Then, in a reverse re-play of how her career began (replacing Isabelle Adjani for realisateur Jean-Luc   Godard), she walked and handed it over to the latest French sensation.

3. – Andie MacDowell, Hudson Hawk, 1991. First reserve (again) for Isabelle Adjani, who   fainted on her first day, from back problems following the birth of Barnabe Nuytten. Producer Joel Silver said she was free for five days and could   return to Paris. When Isabelle called about her return flight, she was informed: “It’s   not you anymore.” Next, it was   suggested that   Bruce Willis’ then-wife, Demi Moore, vetoed casting the “scandalous” Detmers.   The public certainly vetoed the film,   the flop of 1991.   So much so, Willis quietly changed his combine’s   name from Hudson Hawk Films to Flying Heart Films.   Something sure was flying…

4. – Marie Trintignant Le crie de la soi/The Cry of Silk,   France, 1995.   Marie was a superb replacement – for anyone.


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