Matt Besser

  1. Rainn Wilson, The Office, TV,  2005-2013.        Missing out on sycophant Dwight, Besser moved on into  The Back Room and  the chat-show satire (yes, another one),  Comedy Bang! Bang!  Also reading for Dwight Kurt Schrute III were Judah Friedlander, Jarrett Grode, Patton Oswalt, Matt Price, Seth Rogen. Plus three Matts: Besser, Price and Walsh. Wilson (first seen for the boss, Michael Scott) survived  the full 187 episodes.  
  2. Sean Hayes, The Three Stooges, 2011.      The Farrelly brothers looked over veteran comic-writer Besser (90 screen roles since 1996), Woody Harrelson, James Marsden and even Justin Timberlake for Larry Fine in what was an obvious flop from the get-go. Bobby and Peter adored the Stooges (hence their own un-subtle comedies) but there were not many other fans left of their literal slap-dash boinks, pokes, slaps, nyuk-nyuks, nyaaahhhs. Even Mel Brooks backed off from such a project in 1974 for exactly the reason that this one failed,. “It’s so hard to sustain a plot that could withstand their antics for that long.”

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