Matthew Perry

  1. Chad Allen, Camp Cucamonga, TV, 1990.  Perry audtioned for Jennifer Aniston’s first movie. Sure, that’s what friends are for… except they weren’t Rachel and Chandler until 1994.

  2. Harry Connick Jr, Independence Day, 1996.     Co-producer Dean Devlin suggested the funniest of TV’s Friends,   1994-2004… during which run,   Perry   was said to put on weight between episodes, sometimes between scenes.

  3. Dermot Mulroney, My Best Friend’s Wedding, 1997. Julia Roberts suggested her friend to PJ Hogan but Matt had other films to try. Julia had even guested with pal Perry on Friends. He probably has no idea,  Due to his self-confessed drug problem at the time. “I don’t remember three years… somewhere between season three and six.”

  4. Matt Le Blanc, Lost In Space, 1998.    After poor Sean Patrick Flanery was “let go” for the capital sin of… looking too much like the lead star, Wiliam Hurt, the role of Don West was offered to two Friends: Matt and Matthew. Although director Stephen Hopkins had never seen a single episode. Of the lads, Le Blanc was the only one who could stand commuting between the London  filming and LA where Friends was still shooting. (Same for Lacey Chabert and her Party of Five series).


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