Maud Adams (i)

  1. Minnie Dupree, The Young in Heart, 1937.     All the unfortunately named Miss Fortune wanted in her increasingy old life was companionship.   The role was pivotal. And producer David Selznick worked his charm on testing three great veterans. First, Adams, Broadway’s first Peter Pan in 1905, now 65 and retired since 45. (Her 12-minute test, with potential co-star Janet Gaynor, is preserved by George Eastman House). Next, Laurette Taylor, 53, the original, 1945 Amanda in The Glass Menagerie. (Her test is in the 2003 doc, Broadway: The Golden Age by the Legends Who Were There). And, the winning Dupree, on The Great White Way throughout 1896-1946, and making her screen debut here at 64. She captivated the public so much, that Selznick had to change the novel/film’s ending… and let her live.

 Birth year: 1872Death year: 1953Other name: Casting Calls:  0