Maud Truax

  1. Dot Farley, Down To Their Last Yacht, 1933.       Change of   Passenger With Diamond Bracelets. Probably real ones… the way Lou Brock spent money. Well, that was RKO’s fault. The studio gave him total freedom after he put Fred and Ginger together in Flying Down To Rio.   He tried to save time and money by having two crews working at once. He helmed one unit and the credited director Paul Sloane ran the other. Didn’t work. Sam White had to re-shoot about25% of, naturally, Brock’s last RKO feature. He produced shorts instead, then Monogram and Republic programmers. When he died in 1971, Brock was working as a Hollywood hotel night clerk.

 Birth year: 1884Death year: 1939Other name: Casting Calls:  1