Max Baer (Jr)

  1. Ray Young, Return of the Beverly Hillbillies, TV, 1981. The son of the 1934 world heavyweight boxing champ, was fed up of the role that made him and, he felt, ruined him – Jethro Bodine, wed to the suddenly oil-rich Elly May Clampett, in the 1962-1971 smash, The Beverly Hillbillies. He’d been unable to get a job for three years after the show ended (until he employed himelf for his scenario, Macon County Line, 1974). So, he was in no mind to play Jethro (or, even, his twin, Jethrine!) again in this tele-film. Changed his mind for the next one, The Legend of the Beverly Hillbillies, 1993, when Jethro, the 1981 film director (!), was now a top LA medico.

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