May Britt

  1. Juliet Prowse, GI Blues, 1959.   Welcome home Elvis! And here’s your reward for serving your country in the US Army.  1: The Indian-born South African dancer (beating Britt, Anna Martia Alberghetti, Ursula Andress, Elke Sommer).  2:  All  your  movies will suckk from  hereon!
  2. Joan Collins. Seven Thieves, 1959.   Anne Bancroft and Swedish May Britt were discussed for the stripper, Melanie, falling for Richard Widmark, part of  Fredric March’s gang heist8ng  a Monaco  casino.  Except they became Collins, Rod Steiger and Edward G Robinson –  totally outclassed by Frank Sinatra’s Clan as Ocean’s Eleven…  robbing five Vegas casinos in one night!

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