Meg Foster


  1. Sharon Gless, Cagney & Lacey,  TV, 1982-1988.   NYPD cop Christine Cagney was created by  Loretta Swit in the 1981 tele-movie. But her M*A*S*H producers refused to part with their “Hot Lips” for the series. Nothing new there. But the  fate of Cagney II was totally sexist…  When Meg’s Newman-blue orbs took over for the first six episodes, she was clobbered with “too tough” and “not feminine” by CBS suits. They further complained that her partnership with Tyne Daly’s Mary Beth Lacey looked like a pair of “dykes.”  Meg was  replaced by  Sharon Gless…  for the next six years.


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Meg Foster joined Tyne Daly in the NYPD series but was replaced after six episodes by Sharon  Gless.        [©CBS]

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