Mel Gussow

  1. Jerry Hewitt, Five Corners, 1986.     Actor-producer Tony Bill asked playwright  John Patrick Shanley  (Moonstruck) to write a film for him to direct. He did so, fuelled by his New York memories and posing the question :Has anyone ever died of a bad literary device?  In turn, Shanley asked Mel Gussow of The New York Times and  New York magazine’s John Simon  – plus  “other prominent drama critics” – to risk the challenge and play Mr Glascow.  Needless to say, they all demurred and actor-stuntman Hewitt took over the, er, stunt. Bill’s co-producers included George Harrison.  Hence, In My Life is on the soundtrack.

 Usual occupation: Drama criticBirth year: 1933Death year: 2005Other name: Casting Calls:  1