Michael Byrne

  1. Patrick Stewart, Lifeforce, 1984.  
  2. Michael Gothard, Lifeforce, 1984.
  3. Nicholas Ball, Lifeforce, 1984.
  4. John Hallam, Lifeforce, 1984.
  5. Chris Sullivan, Lifeforce, 1984.
  6. Del Henney, Doctor Who #133: Resurrection Of The Daleks, TV, 1984.       Byrne, Henney, Nicholas Ball, Tom Chadbon, Peter Firth, Tim Pigott-Smith, Patrick Ryecart, Patrick Stewart, David Warner…most of the eleven actors up for Colonel Archer in the Doc5 Peter Davison adventure were from the army of 203 candidates for just 18 roles in Lifeforce that year. The difference being that Who was science fiction, Lifeforce was science fart.

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  6