Michael J Pollard

  1. Robert Walker, Star Trek #2: Charlie X, TV, 1966.   (Stardate 2713.5).  Creator-producer Gene Roddenberry voted Pollard (“been hearing good things about him”) for the teenage Charlie Evans., sole survivor of a transport ship crash. Casting director Josaeph D’Agosta preferred Walker – and reserved Jahn in #8: Mirilater that year for the potato-faced Pollard.
  2. Max Born, Fellini Satyricon, Italy-France, 1968.  Fellini desired some of his most cherished Hollywood stars in his ancient Rome extravaganza.  Durante, Van Heflin (surprisingly), Boris Karloff, Groucho Marx and Mae West headed his dream-wish list but they all felt too old for galivanting around Nero’s licentious  Lazio.  Pollard was way younger, of course, but he still stayed away.
  3. Jess Hann, Mama Dracula, Belgium, 1980.   Mama was Louise Fletcher s(t)inking in a Franco-Belgian   “comedy.”   Hahn was 18 years older than Bonnie and Clyde’s getaway driver.


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