Michael Ontkean

  1. Ken Marshall, Marco Polo, TV, 1982.   Ontkean, Peter Firth and Mandy Patinkin all refused to headline the life and times of the 13th Century explorer. Ontkean won his own series Sheriff Harry S Truman (oh yes!) in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, 1990-1991.
  2. Peter Coyote, Heartbreakers, 1984. Already (mis)cast as Eli, Coyote took over Blue from a suddenly absent Ontkean. Eli went to Nick Mancuso.
  3. Val Kilmer, The Doors, 1991. Many were perceived as the perfect Jim Morrison as six producers attempted to biographe the Lizard King. 
  4. Robert Forster, Twin Peaks, TV, 2017.  The nine comeback episodes  became 19.   Many of the old team returned; some died afterwards: Catherine E Culson, Miguel Ferrer , Harry Dean Stanton.  But Lara Flynn Boyle refused and David Bowie died in 2016, so ther iconics, Donna Hayward and FBI Agent Phillip Jeffries, were laid to rest.  Forster took over as Sheriff Truman’s  sheriff-brother.  In 1990, Forster had been  creator-director David Lynch’s choice for the sheriff – Truman.


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