Michael O’Shea

  1. Dennis O’Keefe, The Story of Dr Wassell, 1943.   When first choices Alan Ladd and Robert Preston joined the real WWII…   The Irish-American O’Shea, Dana Andrews, Alan Baxter, James Brown, Walter Reed, Barry Sullivan, Richard Whorf were also seen for Hoppy Hopkins. the wounded sailor inspired to live by the love of Carol Thurston’s native nurse, Tremartini, inevitably nicknamed Three Martini.
  2. George Raft, Nob Hill, 1944.        For the second re-tread of Alexander’s Ragtime Band, 1937 (which, recalled New York Times critic Bosley Crowther, had been nothing to write home about), Raft beat O’Shea, James Cagney, Brian Donlevy and Fred MacMurray to saloon owner Tony Angelo. But then, poor Raft knew zilch about choosing movies. He only nearly walked out of this tosh.

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