Michael Paré

  1. John Savage, Salvador, 1985.  Oliver Stone booked Paré first, then John Savage,   for war photographer  John Cassady  in a sub-plot  behind the main one of James Woods and  Jim Belushi’s two losers  “set adrift,” said Chicago critic Roger Ebert, “in a world they never made,  trying to play games by everybody else’s rules.
  2. Tom Berenger, Platoon, When writer-director Oliver Stone first nearly set up his Vietnam movie in 1983, Paré was set as the amoral Sergeant Barnes opposite Emilio Estevez as the young hero – finally played by his brother Charlie Sheen.
  3.  Dolph Lundgren, The Punisher, Paré as the comic book hero (aka Frank Castle) would have landed in the video bin two months faster than Dolph’s.


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