Michael Phillips

  1. Alexander Skarsgård, The Legend of Tarzan, 2014.  In  the Olympic tradition of the great Johnny Weissmuller and passable Buster Crabbe,  Warner Bros inevitably looked at Maryland swimmer Michael Phelps –  history’s most decorated Olympian, with 23 gold medals from five Games,  during 2000-2016. He could swim but he could not act. Also in the jungle mix: Matt Barr from Texas and Kevin Costner’s Hatfields & McCoys mini-series; Henry Cavill, the current Suoerman; Tom Hardy, the new Mad Max; and Charlie Hunnam, who looked a lot like Bass.  However the Swedish Skarsgård won the lloin cloth and vines.  The first 21st Century ape-manflopped when finally  released in the summer of 2016.

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