Michael Shanks

  1. Tom Hardy, Star Trek: Nemesis, 2002.       The 10th Trek… An avid Trekkie, the Canadian pin-up boy from Stargate SG-1 read for arch-villain Praetor Shinzon. He lost. So did Jude Law and James Marsters. And so did the movie – netting the lowest box-office Trek take. Hence, no more for six years! Hardy later admitted how the film’s failure – and the Trekkies’ reaction to it – ruined his relationship, drove him to drink and almost to suicide. Only winning Bronson in 2007, saved his life and career.
  2. Brian Austin Reed, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, TV, 2008-2009.      After playing Dr Daniel Jackson in three Stargate series and three tele-films across 1997-2009 (and being killed in four chapters!), Shanks was searching for a new personnage. He lost out on being Derek Reese.
  3. Scott Caan, Hawaii Five-O, 2010-2020.      Mr Stargate e tested for Danno. Nobody booked him.Caan and Aussie co-star Alex O’Loughlin (as Steve Garrett) notched up 240 episodes in the ten year run.


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