Michael Sheen

  1. Rowan Atkinason, Four Weddings And A Funeral, 1994.      Sheen is fine – Atkinson even better as Father Gerald, officiating at Wedding #2 in what was previously  known as: True Love and Near Misses, Loitering in Sacred Places, Rolling in the Aisles and Skulking Around.  

  2. Scott Speedman, Underworld, 2003.    Instead of the werewolf lead, he was given another role by Len Wiseman- new lover of Sheen’s co-star and, indeed, ex-partner, Kate Beckinsale. He survived the vampire/werewolves wars for the 2006 sequel, with Kate and their daughter, Lily Mo Sheen.

  3. Edward Norton, Kingdom of Heaven, 2005.     Director Ridley Scott turned him  down  for King Baldwin  IV and made him a mere priest, instead. Never mind, Sheen has also played  Caligula, Brian Clough,  David Frost, Jesus, Dr William Masters, Nero, HG Wells,  The White Rabbit, Kenneth Williams… Tony Blair (three times) and… Man Who Tried To Execute Maximus in Ridley’s Gladiator
  4. Stephen Fry, Alice in Wonderland, 2009.    The first choice for the Cheshire Cat (after all the smiling as Tony Blair Blair in three films!)only had enough time to voice The White Rabbit. Fry and Sheen shared a love scene in Wilde, 1997, and Fry directed Sheen in Bright Young Things, 2002.
  5. Jonny Lee Miller,Dark Shadows, 2011.      Too busy to join Tim Burton’s version of the 60s TV series – with Johnny Deep (their eighth collaboration), Michelle Pfeiffer, Bella Heathcoate, Jackie Earle Haley, Eva Green.


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