Michael Troughton

1. – Jonathan Caplan, Doctor Who #134: Planet of Fire, TV, 1984. The son of Doc2 Patrick Troughton auditioned for Roaskal. But it was his elder brother, David, who was the first Time Lord’s offspring to be in the series (with his father in #50: The War Games, 1969; second was Georgia Moffett, daughter of Doc5 Peter Davison opposite Doc10 David Tennant in, appropriately, #193: The Doctor’s Daughter, 2008. Mike’s elder brother, David (a flat-mate of Colin Banker before he became Doc6) appeared in #40: The Enemy of the World, 1967-1978; #50: The War Games, 1969; #61: The Curse of the Peladon, with Doc3 Jon Pertwee, 1972, and #196: Midnight, with Doc10, 2008.

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