Michael Wincott


  1. Kevin Bacon,  JFK, 1991
  2. Bryan Cranston, Detachment, 2010.   But Wincott was not Walter White in the show of the hour, Breaking Bad. Therefore, Cranston was fast picking up movies as easily as dandruff. He probably regreted this one, kicked out of touch by Rex Reed for driving a coffin nail through the noble profession of teaching “with such ruthless virulence that it makes no point at all.”
  3. Chris Evans, The Iceman, 2011.    In early tests, Michael Shannon played the titular serial killer opposite Wincott as his some-time partner in crime: Mr Freezy, aka Robert Pronge.   When Israeli director Ariel Vromen finished casting, Wincott lost out to Evans… totally unrecognisable from Captain America.  Shannon still stole the movie as Richard Kuklinski, a New Jersey hit-man admitting on his 1986 arrest to more than 100 hits… then again, maybe 250…
  4. Paul Schrader,Dog Eat Dog, 2016.    The crooks are so dumb, this is  kinda Carry On Tarantino. But the director, Paul Schrader, said: “The film is as much about crime films as it is about criminals. There’s kind of a meta quality to it.” Just not enough to interest  Wincott, Michael Douglas, Rupert Everett, Jeff Goldblum, Nick Nolte, Christopher Walken in playing a mobster called The Greek. Schrader also asked fellow directors – but Italian Americans! – Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino. Then, Nic Cage persuaded his director to go Greek, himself.

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