Michelle Phillips

  1. Ewa Aulin, Candy, 1969.
  2. Candice Bergen, Carnal Knowledge, 1971.     Being Jack Nicholson’s lover didn’t help.   Dennis Hopper chose her for The Last Movie in Peru – and she married him. For eight days!
  3. Diane Keaton, The Godfather, 1971.
  4. Jessica Lange, King Kong, 1976.       The shape of things to come for Michelle   over the next six years… as if the “the   female Beatty” wasn’t busy enough bedding them all – Warren Beattty included. Well, like   The Mamas and The Papas hit, “Creeque Alley,” began: “John and Mitchie were gettin’ kind of itchy.”

  5. Jessica Lange, The Postman Always Rings Twice, 1981.
    “Losing Postman was the worst disappointment of my life.  I’d never had anything swept out from underme like that.”  When they lived together, Jack Nicholson set about jump-starting her movie career, badgering MGM to re-make the James M Cain book – first filmed in 1945, the year she was born. Hal Ashby agreed  to direct it as Three-Cornered Circle. Two weeks before shooting started, MGM’s chief Lion of the hour, James Aubrey, pulled the plug – wanting his lover, Raquel Welch, as Cora, instead of “just another ex-rock star.”  Jack and Hal refused to make the movie  without Michelle  – leaving Jack suddenly  free for The Last Detail and… Chinatown.   The end of the project proved the end of the affair. Michelle split to Mexico for three weeks with daughter, Chynna, coming back to be a gangster’s moll in Dillinger.  And Anjelica Huston moved into Mulholland Drive – and  a cameo in Jack and Bob (Curly) Rafelson’s eventual Postman.

  6. Jessica Lange, Frances, 1982.     Michelle   set her heart on it, but   Jessica   had the bigger box-office allure. Michelle just had all the men: both Papas (John Philips and   Denny Doherty), record producer Russ Titelman, Gene Clark of The Byrds,   record-film producer Lou Adler, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty. Five husbands in all. “Mom always seemed to have a relationship going on,” said daughter Chynna, wed to Billy   Baldwin,   “but she was never a chameleon, never an extension of her boyfriends – she never compromised herself.”



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