Mimi Rogers

  1. Kathleen Turner, Body Heat, 1981.       A femme fatale lost the role of… a femme fatale. Only in Hollywood!  And Turner became LA’s latest wet dream,.  For the usual 15 minutes.  OK, 25… Lauren Bacall’s comment to me in Paris about Turner being The New Bacall was, er, choice.
  2. Glenn Close, Fatal Attraction, 1986.
  3. Kelly Lynch, Desperate Hours, 1990.     Director Michael Cimino first asked   her to be Mickey Rourke’s lawyer-lover and then,   Anthony Hopkins’ wife.  She fretted about the age difference with Hopkins (she was 34 to his 53) until deciding to “wed” him.  “Fuck it.,” said Mimi. “If you look at the old movies, it was always these 23-year-old leading ladies with the 50-year-old Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart.”   In the 1955 original, Martha Scott, 41, was the wife of Fredric March, 58.
  4. Sharon Stone, Basic Instinct, 1991.
  5. Fabiana Udenio, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, 1996.       “Initially, they were talking to me about playing Alotta Fagina but I was doing something where the dates couldn’t work. So it ended up being Mrs. Kensington, mother of Elizabeth Hurley’s Vanessa Washington.” And so the Argentine-brn Italian beauty queen became the Mike Myers’ version of Pussy Galore… “The bathtub scene was very funny,” she told Hollywood Reporter’s Ryan Parker. “I was actually wearing a little skin-colored bustier that was low-cut with a low back. It was pushing everything up and I didn’t realise it. When I saw the film, I was shocked, but in retrospect, I think it just makes it all bigger than life.”

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