1. Nathalie Baye, La Gueule ouverte, France, 1973.    Spoilt for choice, the often obnoxious and always over-praised realisateur Maurice Pialat settled upon Baye forMicbeline, popmptly renamed Nathalie. But he couldn’t land a young newcomer called Gérard Depardieu to play her brother, ie Pialat, himself.
  2. Julie Berto, Le Mâle du siècle, 1974.     “In all my life, I am making only one movie,” declared actor-turned-realisateur Claude Berri. “And that movie is my life.” For the fourth film (of six) about Claude, Berri originally wanted Coluche to play Claude with Miou-Miou as his wife. The couple became Berri and Berto as Coluche preferred stand-up. He later made four Berri films.
  3. Jane Birkin, Comment reussir… quand on est con et pleurnichard (How To Maker Good When One Is A Jerk And A Crybaby), France, 1974.    Prodigious French dialoguist-turned-auteurMichel Audiard (129 scripts in 36 years) loved long titles – and Miou-Miou, Sophie Daumier and Nicole Calfan. However, whenschedules had to be changed, they becameBirkin, Stephane Audran, Evelyne Buyle.
  4. Agostina Belli, Le grand escogriffe, France-Italy, 1976.    Michel Audiard called up Miou again – to partner Yves Montand’s big operator. Until the project became a co-production with Italy and… Ciao Belli!
  5. Carole Laure, Preparez vos mouchoirs (US: Get Out Your Handkerchiefs), France-Belgium, 1977    .No, nothing to do with her break-up with intended co-star Patrick Dewaere. That hadn’t stopped them making films together. And this had been planned as a reunion of the iconic 1973 trio from Les valseuses. Except she had growntired of flashing her boobs.Or, in this case, being topless for lengthy scenes… with an adolescent lad.
  6. Dominique Laffin,Dites-lui que je l’aime(US: The Sweet Sickness),France, 1977    .Patrick Dewaere was extremely miffed with Claude Miller for giving the lead to Depardieu (when Dewaere’s namehad been the reason Miller won a budget for hisdebut, La meilleure façon de marcher, 1975).However,Dewaere still suggested his ex as the girl. “Unlike the others, Miou-Miou liked the subject,” recalled realisateur Jacques Doillon. “A number of actresses found the subject too tough, the words too hard to say – vulgar!The French cinema isreally pasteurised! Ladies in French films dare not use any dirtywords. Above all, we must give a veryflattering imageof women.Unfortunately, Joseph  Losey offered her a role.”
  7. Nathalie Baye, Sauve qui peut (la vie), (UK: Slow Motion; US: Every Man For Himself), France-Austria-West Germany-Switzerland, 1979.     After making 19 Maoist rantsover elevenyears (admittedly one tract starred Jane Fonda andYves Montand),the bilious Jean-Luc Godard- or his producers -wantedtorelaunch him as a born-again film-maker. Result: a still-birth disaster at the 1980 Cannes festival. Miou-Miou did well to leave it.  Apparently she had no wish to share a film with Isabelle Huppert. Three years later, they co-starred in Coupe de foudre (UK: At First Sight; US: Entre Nous).
  8. Isabelle Huppert, Loulou, France, 1980.    At one time it looked like Miou and ex-husband Patrick Dewaere (or then again, Jacques Dutronc) as Nelly and Loulou inanother wannabe-Cassavetes slice of the obnoxious realisateur Maurice Pialat’s life. Finally,it became the first of three fractious Pialat films with Depardieu.
  9. Nathalie Baye, Le retour de Martin Guerre, France, 1981.    “It was written for her,”said Nathalie. “I’ve no idea why she refused it, I’m glad that she did. It was a fine role and a wonderful shoot.” Realising her error, Miou snapped up Coupe de Foudre, 1982, when Nathalie could not schedule it.
  10. Catherine Alric, Clash, France-Yugoslavia, 1983.  Conceived by Paris auteur Raphaël Delpard for the actor – who rejected it as a  “fag story.” (He said much the same about Bertrand Blier’s Tenue de soirée, 1985). OK, suggested Paris journo Frederic Albert Levy, why not turn your hero into a heroine et voila!  Miou-Miou said no (“are you crazy, you want me to bash my head against the wall ?” After some persuasion and deliberation, the Catherine Deneuve lookalike said: Oui!

  11. Carole Laure, Heartbreakers,1984.    US director Bobby Roth set up Paris auditions “andsawsome very striking women Ididn’t know before.” Nice work if you can swing  it!
  12. Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Au coeur du mensonge, France, 1998.   Another legend of la nouvelle vague, director Claude Chabrol, voted Miou but her stage commitments had producer Marin Karmitz calling Valeria… sister of the model-turned-singer-turned-First Lady of France, Carla Bruni Sarkozy. 





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