Mireille Darc

  1. Marion Game, Le Cri du cormoran, le soir, au-dessus des jonques, France, 1970.    If you think that title is long, it nearly was: Shut The Door In My Face But Not On My Fingers. Co-star Bernard Blier (a must for any Michel Audiard script) asked Marion if it was true that her stage co-star, Paul Meurisse (also in the film), had only one testicle. He wrote to Blier, Audiard, Michel Serrault (and a newcomer called Depardieu, also in on the jape) saying they shouldn’t bother the poor child who had no way of knowing. “Ask your wives!” Alors, the Game was afoot! And Marion survived her her first movie despite refusing a nude scene. She was still famous 40 years later a huge French TV hit, Scènes de ménage, 2009-2017.

 Birth year: 1938Death year: 2017Other name: Casting Calls:  1