Monique Van De Ven

  1. Daryl Hannah, Blade Runner, 1981.     UK wiz Ridley Scott was going double Dutch for his main Replicants… He wanted Monique (unavailable) for the basic pleasure model, Pris, after seeing her lively work in Paul Verhoeven’s 1972 scandal, Turks fruit/Turkish Delight, 1972, co-starring Rutger Hauer – booked, of course, by Scott for Roy Batty. Turks fruit was a Dutch Valseuses. Or rather, Les valseuses was a French Turks fruit! Scott also saw the Blondie band singer, Debbie Harry… Stacey Nelkin, from Halloween III: Season of the Witch (also seen for Mary, later cut from the script)…. Hannah had the edge. Her height.

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