Morris Ankrum


  1. Charles Bickford,  Reap The Wild Wind, 1941.   All hands on deck – and fathoms below – for a boisterous CB DeMille adventure classic. With a final  change of master of the good ship, Tyfib.  Anrkum kept changing occupations – lawyer, economics professor – until acting stuck. He scored 275 screens roles during 1932-1965 including most of the Hopalong Cassidy series and, according to IMDB, more science fiction movis than any other Hollwyood actor. 
  2. Vladimir Sokoloff, Song of Russia, 1943.   Change of Meschkov (in April 1943).   Imagine! Hollywood was over-egging WWII Soviet propaganda like this in ’43, and accusing everyone and his wife  of being Reds  seven years later.    Headliner Robert Taylor (in  his last film before going to WWII in the US Navy) called the film: “Distastefully Communistic.” 
  3. Barton MacLane, Gentle Annie, 1944.    Starting in October 1942, shooting was shuttered after four weeks when director WS Van Dyke fell ill. Two years on, with  Andrew Marton helming, the original cast was gone. Apart from James Craig – and Ankrum, demoted from Sheriff Tatum to his deputy, Gansby. 
  4.  Chill Wills, Giant, 1955.


 Birth year: 1897Death year: 1964Other name: Casting Calls:  5