Nerys Hughes

  1. Eleanor Bron, Doctor Who #142: Revelation of the Daleks, TV, 1985.     When playing Todd opposite Doc5 Peter Davison in #118: Kinda, 1982. Nerys was completely baffled by the script. Maybe that is why she also passed on Kara with the (unpopular) Doc6 Colin Baker on planet Necros. She preferred her hit BBC sitcom, The Liver Birds, 1971-1996; her Liverpool co-star, Pauline Collins, was with Doc2 Patrick Troughton in #35: The Faceless Ones, 1967, and was Queen Victoria opposite Doc10 David Tennant in#169: Tooth and Claw, 2006, Bron was won over by the tale’s major influence being Evelyn Waugh’s novel, The Loved One, no less.


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